The Weirdest Thing Just Happened to Me (Again)

I may not cross post this one to the Facebooks or Twitterz, but, since one of the things I am hoping will come out of this blog is a safe place for me to share as well as other people to come who are facing Myleoma (or other scary stuff), I will share a most bizarre thing that happened to me this morning. I wet the bed. This is the second time in the last few months it has happened, and I was not sedated or in any other way “out of it” when it happened. Of course, since Myeloma can affect the kidneys (causing renal failure among other things), this has me a bit worried. It is also incredibly embarrassing.

So, uh, does anyone who has kids who have had accidents on their furniture have any advice to offer on the best way to go about cleaning my piss out of my futon???

Thanks in advance.

Oh, in related news, the steroids my oncologist put me on seem to be helping with the general swelling of the tumor in my eye. I have noticed that I can open it wider (of course, some of this is due to the swelling from my biopsy abating). It feels, in general, like there is a little more room in that tiny space for my eye and the tumor to share.


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