Getting Back to “Normal”

I got my stitches out from my biopsy yesterday. Eye looks good (for an eye with a tumor in it that’s been flayed open). I would like to throw a shout out to the doc that did the surgery, as he and his team were totally awesome. There was a nurse whose sole job I’d swear was to just sit next to me and hold my hand during the procedure. Info on Dr. John Shore.

In news related to the “little issue” discussed in my previous post, I believe the culprit is the steroids I am on. It has happened once before, and I think I was on the ‘roids then, too. Either way, it seems like if it were related to my kidney function, the problem would be more frequent, and therefor more severe.

Got my path report from the biopsy back. Trying to look up a few terms, but as it only relates to the actual tissue sample examined, I’m not even sure if worrying about protein chains and lymphoplasmacytoid cells is even prudent at this point. I suppose that’s what the next round of tests is for.

Pending my new insurance going active this week, I will have my bone marrow aspiration Friday morning. They are sedating me for it, which is another thing I want to look up, because last time I had a marrow biopsy all they did was give me a local. I have to be all no food or drink after midnight the day before and stuff for this one, so naturally I’m a little concerned about what they will be doing that requires me to be so out of it.

I’m currently working on a list of supplements and meds (via an app I found for my phone), and will share that once I get it all updated. I also want to share some of my thoughts and attitudes, or mantras, as the case may be, but that too will be a future post.

Until then, I’m off to do some “normal” people stuff…


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  1. Sue- just keeping up with you through your blog. Know I love and care about you (even if not posting on facebook and stuff very often). Tatum

    • thanks so much, Tatum. it’s a very cathartic thing to write about this, and nice to know that those who care can keep up and know where i’m at, if they so desire. Thanks for the love, and know that it is reciprocated, my friend. 🙂

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