Slowly but Surely…

…I will get back to posting more regularly. Originally, I was waiting to post, fearing that I might post that things were going well, only to have to turn around a day or two later and report some quick (and unpleasant) change in that. Unfortunately, I let that mindset lapse into the point where I began to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an update, because of how much information and time it would cover. Then I started feeling guilty whenever I thought about posting, and the fact that I hadn’t in so long, which is totally ridiculous. But, then here we are. So, I guess, a little at a time then…

I’m just starting my third round of chemo (which I take in pill form each evening). So far, my side effects have been relatively mild, and my “numbers” have shown a good response to treatment. I will undergo another round (3 weeks on and 1 week off), and then most likely go to San Antonio for a stem cell transplant.

My eye responded very well to radiation therapy. However, lately, my vision has become more blurry and my eye is just giving me more trouble in general (swelling, light sensitivity, weeping, etc). However, I was off of my steroids last week, which help to control some of the swelling (and thus some of the other issues as well), so I’m hoping that being back on them as of Friday will bring some relief. If not, back to the doc, I suppose.

There is more, of course. And certainly, more details I can (and will) provide. Things like my initial lab numbers, how they have progressed, the specifics of my meds, the details pertaining to my STC (stem cell transplant). I will get to that. Just, not tonight. Sorry I have been so lazy.


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  1. I am here for you if you ever wanna chat. Are you using your own stem cells or a donor, bc I can go get tested.

    • Thanks a lot Rachel. Right now, it looks like I will most likely use my own, although they are typing my brother just to check if he’s a match. I’ll let you know if it moves more in that direction. It may be on hold anyway – – I have to have an MRI on my eye to see if it’s just swelling or if the tumor is not gone completely since my radiation. I have no idea how the results of that might change things… now I get to be scared and worried all over again. 🙂

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