Neupogen Day 4 + Neck Catheter

I got my 4th neupogen injection this morning. My pelvis and legs and lower back are pretty achey, so it’s definitely working. Dad told me they were a little concerned at first because I said I wasn’t hurting that much (the pain means it’s working). The thing is, all my bone tumors cause some pretty excruciating pain, so I have developed a fairly high pain threshold. Thusly, while it may appear to them that I’m not “hurting enough”, it’s really just relative.

We went for the neupogen shot and blood draw around 8. Have to be back at 10:30 for the neck catheter, so we came back to the room to chill for an hour. It’s so much more comfortable than sitting in a hospital lobby or waiting room. We have our food and coffee, laptops, heating pad, etc. It was a smart move and I won’t hesitate the next time it comes up. Anyhoo, I just wanted to update while I had the chance. The neck catheter is an inconvenience, from what I understand, movement wise. Not knowing how much I’ll be able to do with it in (including posting here), I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity.

I’m Making Cancer My Bitch! (That’s what my shirt says.)


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