Stem Cell Collection & Stuff

So, it’s been almost a week since I last posted. This isn’t a result of me feeling bad, but rather me just being a little lazy. The Quinton Catheter (neck catheter) was not fun to have inserted, or to “wear” for a couple of days, but it was not, by a long shot, the worst thing I’ve been through. Collection, which is very much like donating plasma or platelets – but on a much larger scale – went fine. In fact, since they warm your red blood cells before returning them, I actually found it much more pleasant than donating plasma. I slept through most of it (helped by staying up most of the night before). Those infusion chairs are just so darn comfortable. I gotta get one of those. 😉

Now, I was scheduled for chemo and transplant starting tomorrow, but that has been postponed a week. I’ve had some congestion, coughing, and a bad headache over the weekend, and the doctor doesn’t want to take any chances that I might have or be brewing an infection. It’s weird to be bummed that you have to delay feeling miserable, but I am. It takes a bit of effort to mentally prepare for the process and say, “Fine. Let’s get this over with.” I was more or less there. Now I have to stand down for a week, and it’s kind of hard to shift gears. So, here we are.

Quinton Cath

The Catheter – not great, but not awful either.


Collection (no, that is NOT a Christmas tree skirt)

stem cells

They collected two of these bags over two days.

bite marks

Nope, not from a vampire. The tiny nicks where the catheter was, 1 day after removal.

Now, I’ve had a few people (including myself a few months ago) wonder why in the world they would use MY stem cells to treat me when they are from MY bone marrow, which is where my cancer lives (and wreaks havoc). That’s gonna be my next post… I bet the suspense is killing you, huh? 🙂


4 Responses

  1. It was totally a vampire.

    Hang in there, Suzanne!

  2. You are just a youngster! First time I’ve ever seen a picture of you, Sue. Great update(s). Hang-in-there!

  3. You’re such a bad ass! Love ya, sister!

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