Day -2

With transplants, Day 0 is the day you receive your stem cells, and then you count up from there.

We got down here to San An around 9 last night. We didn’t go to the store, we were too tired. Today, we were at the hospital at 8am, and got “home” around 4 or so. LONG day! I had my PICC line inserted early in the morning, labs drawn, then had to wait a few hours to get my hydration IV, then I got my chemo. Hydration took 2 hours, chemo takes about 30 minutes. The worst part about getting it is having to keep the ice in my mouth the whole time (called cryotherapy) – it gets very cold! But, so far things are going very well. The PICC doesn’t bother me and certainly makes things a lot easier and less painful. I’m a little puffy now, but 3 bags of fluids will do that to you. 😉

Tomorrow I get chemo again, but just the hydration and chemo, so it will take about 3 hours, and I meet with the NP. Then back home. So, a much shorter day. Thursday, I get my stem cells back. It is apparently very anti-climactic. Small bag, very short infusion time, etc. About around Tuesday of next week is when they think I will start feeling crappy. Hopefully, though, we can manage the worst, and cope with what we can’t very well manage, and it will pass soon enough. Fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, I’m also on 5 more medications than I was yesterday. I’ll list them out for you tomorrow, if you’re interested. I’m back on the Dex – the dreaded steroid. And taking a much higher dose than I used to. I am totally amped up right now from them. Sleep will be hard to find in the next few days.


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  1. Eeek, Suzanne! You’re doing great–way to be a trooper. Is your dad with you the whole time?

    • Yes, Wana, my dear father is with me the whole time. He does sneak off from time to time to take the dog out and grab a nap, but otherwise he’s here for the duration right along side me.

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