Day 6

I am doing better, although my fatigue has been worse today than it has been since this all started. My wbc’s are at their lowest right now, at less than 0.1%. That’s basically zero, in immune system speak. It also accounts for the fatigue, too. Good news, yesterday the nurse changed the dressing on my Picc Line, and in doing so somehow slightly repositioned the line in a way that makes it much more comfortable! I actually slept on my tummy today!!! I met a guy over the weekend, and they sent him home today – it was day 12 for him. I’m at day 6. So, that’s something to be hopeful for.

I’ve had several friends send care packages to the hotel here for dad and me. So far we’ve gotten some great gift cards to nearby stores, some movies, magazines for dad, some great inspirational drawings, chocolate, pedialyte (I would have never thought to get that!), and probably something else that I have forgotten to include.

Dad continues to be my champion, cooking for me, running to the store, making sure my line is sealed off before I bathe, and everything else I might possibly need. He’s the man. Oh yeah, today was the first day since transplant that I didn’t need fluids! Of course, I will probably need platelets tomorrow, though, but that’s just because of the life cycle of the cell compared to the other blood cells. They die more quickly than red cells, and if my marrow isn’t cranking out new ones just yet, they get low. No biggie.


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  1. Go Sue go! Thank you for keeping us updated! I think about you frequently throughout the day!

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