So Much to Be Grateful For!

Day 8, and I continue to improve. My energy is coming back well, and while I have occasional bouts of nausea and what I like to call “the trots”, they are not too bad or frequent. My appetite is back, and I am gaining weight each day at the clinic weigh in (I was down about 5.5 lbs). If I keep on this track (no infection/fevers), then I will certainly be going home next Thursday, or possibly sooner.

I continue to get wonderful wonderful care packages from friends and family – which leads me to a bit of a mystery…the sender of the Ghost beanie.

The Ghostiest beanie ever!

See, my favorite band is called Jukebox The Ghost, and they are awesome and I love them and their music. I’ve even met them a time or two. We’re all facebook friends and such, too. Anyway, today, I get this hat with their logo on it. From an online do it yourself custom clothing place. No card. No name. Just the awesome beanie. So, who’s it from? In my fantasy, of course, it’s from the boys.

Also, the other day I met a guy, Jack, who is a day behind me transplant wise. Like me, he is doing quite well. Yesterday we got to talking about things we had in common like martial arts, and then he notices my little Captain America figure (I take him everywhere with me). He mentioned he had some C.A. gear, and I was all like, “Cool…” Then today he shows up in the best matching shirt and cap I have ever seen. Rock on, Jack.

Captain Ameri-Jack!

Yesterday and today I got to spend an hour or so outside, enjoying nature and resting (and exercising a little, too). It was nice, and will become part of my daily ritual as long as my health permits.

I started neupogen shots yesterday. If you remember from before, these are shots that stimulate my bone marrow to produce new stem cells. Boy do I need it. My platelets are down to 13. Tomorrow I will certainly need a platelet transfusion, but that is very normal.

Anyhoo, if anyone has any leads on the Great Ghost Beanie Caper drop me a line!

I hope I’m truly worthy of the friends I have – they have been incredible with their thoughts and gifts throughout this process.


7 Responses

  1. “I’m gonna clear my head. . .”

    Rock on, Suzanne!

  2. So we were going to send care package number 2 next week but I will gladly hold off if it means you are coming home! I will keep a look out for updates but I am praying you are home by then!

    • I think holding off would be wise. Barring any complications, I will be going home Thursday at the latest… (I cannot wait!)

  3. Yeah and so what address would that be? I have addresses on Lost Creek Blvd, Crosby Cir., and Bee Caves Rd. (will you be staying w/ your dad?). . .Maybe you can send us an addy update email?

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