So, It’s Been A While

Yeah, sorry for that. Been up to a lot since I last wrote. I was released from the transplant clinic on the 12th, which was the 12 day after my transplant. Yeah, I kind of rocked that. No real serious side effects from the chemo, lucky for me. I had some “bowel” issues, but it was easily controlled with immodium. I didn’t really have any nausea, although, per the advice I received in advance, I didn’t take a chance with that and medicated for it regardless. The fatigue was the worst, for me. In the days following the chemo and transplant, just walking from one room to another seemed like a major undertaking. While my appetite never really waned, the prospect of actually eating was very demotivating. I was just so dang tired. But, after about day 8 or 9, I was feeling much better and pretty much ready to get back home.

I got home on the 12th. My brother, who I live with, had a cold. Needless to say, two days later I had a cold, too. That Friday night, I had to call the on-call doctor due to a fever and difficulties breathing. I have to say, I have read stories by people with MM about how quickly you can go from feeling ok to running a fever and being near death, but until you experience it for yourself it is really incomprehensible. So, Saturday morning I was admitted to the hospital, on oxygen and getting regular breathing treatments to help my lungs loosen up a little. Big fun. I was released the following Tuesday, and have been doing well ever since. My strength and stamina are still areas in which I am lacking. I can get out and go for most of a day, but boy I sure pay for it the day after. My pain, which is just a normal thing for me, is not too bad, either. I’m still a baldy balderson, but that’s ok. It makes showers quick.

I’m looking forward to the holidays, and all of the friends and family they mean I get to see. I’m grateful for the time I have gotten to spend with my dad and brother, and, in case I didn’t mention it before, my dad is a rock star. He took the best care of me, and seemed not to get too stressed in the process. I think my short stint in the hospital stressed him more than the two weeks we spent in San Antonio for the transplant. Friends have been awesomely supportive with care packages and cards, and I am a bit ashamed that I have lagged some in my second round of “Thank You” notes. Sorry.

That’s about it for now. I’ll get back to more regular posting again. Again. See, there’s a pattern here.

Take it easy in the meantime, and Happy Holidays!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update, Sue. Glad to hear you’re doing better! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the family!

  2. Girl…you too are a rock star! I have been wondering how things were going. Sounds like you have been on a roller coaster…and you are winning! You have hit the cancer head on and knocking it out! Keep hitting it! Love ya!

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