You Cannot Compare Burdens

Since my diagnosis, in the course of talking to friends and family, I have often heard the phrase, “It’s nothing compared to what you are going through.” My response has always been, “You cannot compare burdens. No matter what the load, the heaviest burden a person has to carry is theirs alone, and the weight of the load of the person next to them is irrelevant.” Sure, keeping in mind that others may have a heavier load may help us keep some perspective, but it does nothing to lighten the load. Well, I have a friend who has recently picked up a very heavy load. She helped me out graciously when I was in need, and I’d like to do what I can now to help her act of kindness come full circle:

A few weeks ago, I was devastated to learn I needed $11,000. for dental surgery. During a routine cleaning, my dentist discovered that the root canals in my top two front teeth are experiencing ‘resorption’. Resorption is when the body begins to attack and eat away the root and bone tissue inside of the tooth. Normally a root canal would take care of this problem. Having already had root canals in both teeth after a serious auto accident at age 14, this is not an option for me. After two concurring opinions and a consultation with a surgeon, I know both front teeth will have to be pulled, implants inserted, and crowns added. I have dental insurance, but it covers none of these procedures. The surgeon said the longer I wait, the more likely my teeth are to break off while I’m eating. Time is a critical factor. At this point it isn’t if, but when, my teeth will break. I have been urged to have the surgery done as quickly as possible, and preferably within the next few months. Can you please help me save my smile?

Please consider helping my friend, Shannon. Thank you.


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