Stem Cell Collection & Stuff

So, it’s been almost a week since I last posted. This isn’t a result of me feeling bad, but rather me just being a little lazy. The Quinton Catheter (neck catheter) was not fun to have inserted, or to “wear” for a couple of days, but it was not, by a long shot, the worst thing I’ve been through. Continue reading


Neupogen Day 4 + Neck Catheter

I got my 4th neupogen injection this morning. My pelvis and legs and lower back are pretty achey, so it’s definitely working. Dad told me they were a little concerned at first because I said I wasn’t hurting that much (the pain means it’s working). Continue reading

1st Neupogen Shot was Today

I had the choice of tummy or arm. I asked the nurse what most patients do. She said tummy, that it hurts less. The syringe was pretty big and full, but the shot itself didn’t hurt at all. Continue reading

I Can’t Sleep, So I’m Trying Something New

It’s been a long while since my nerves have kept me up at night. Oh, I lose sleep all the time, but generally, it is just a small and irritating side effect of my meds. This is nerves. The “induction phase” of my transplant starts next week. Continue reading

Slowly but Surely…

…I will get back to posting more regularly. Originally, I was waiting to post, fearing that I might post that things were going well, only to have to turn around a day or two later and report some quick (and unpleasant) change in that. Unfortunately, I let that mindset lapse into the point where I began to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an update, because of how much information and time it would cover. Then I started feeling guilty whenever I thought about posting, and the fact that I hadn’t in so long, which is totally ridiculous. But, then here we are. So, I guess, a little at a time then…

Continue reading

Putting on the War Paint

Well, a lot has (and a lot hasn’t) happened since I last wrote. We met with the oncologist (he comes highly recommended), and got a clearer picture of what’s going on. Continue reading

The Accidental Update

So, i had my bone marrow biopsy on Monday. It was much ado about nothing, if you want my opinion. There were i.v.’s, fall risk bracelets, sedatives that didn’t work, impatient nurses – the whole shebang. All for the same procedure that a N.P. did in her office with my drawers down the last time I had it done. Continue reading