Neupogen Day 4 + Neck Catheter

I got my 4th neupogen injection this morning. My pelvis and legs and lower back are pretty achey, so it’s definitely working. Dad told me they were a little concerned at first because I said I wasn’t hurting that much (the pain means it’s working). Continue reading


1st Neupogen Shot was Today

I had the choice of tummy or arm. I asked the nurse what most patients do. She said tummy, that it hurts less. The syringe was pretty big and full, but the shot itself didn’t hurt at all. Continue reading

Slowly but Surely…

…I will get back to posting more regularly. Originally, I was waiting to post, fearing that I might post that things were going well, only to have to turn around a day or two later and report some quick (and unpleasant) change in that. Unfortunately, I let that mindset lapse into the point where I began to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an update, because of how much information and time it would cover. Then I started feeling guilty whenever I thought about posting, and the fact that I hadn’t in so long, which is totally ridiculous. But, then here we are. So, I guess, a little at a time then…

Continue reading

Getting Back to “Normal”

I got my stitches out from my biopsy yesterday. Eye looks good (for an eye with a tumor in it that’s been flayed open). I would like to throw a shout out to the doc that did the surgery, as he and his team were totally awesome. Continue reading

The Weirdest Thing Just Happened to Me (Again)

I may not cross post this one to the Facebooks or Twitterz, but, since one of the things I am hoping will come out of this blog is a safe place for me to share as well as other people to come who are facing Myleoma (or other scary stuff), I will share a most bizarre thing that happened to me this morning. Continue reading